Thick Pencils

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Thick pencils have been a beloved writing tool for artists and everyday users alike, providing a bold and expressive touch to their work. In this roundup, we will explore the top thick pencils on the market, highlighting their unique features and why they should be on your must-have list.

The Top 42 Best Thick Pencils

  1. Professional 2mm Metal Mechanical Pencil with 2-Color Lead and Eraser — The Mr. Pen 2mm mechanical pencil offers a sleek, professional design with a chiseled metallic grip, making it ideal for everyday use and detailed drawing needs, while also including various colored leads and spare erasers for added convenience.
  2. Quality Art Mechanical Pencil Set with Bonus Sharpener — Create stunning, bold lines with the Leda graphic art mechanical pencil set, featuring 5B artist lead, easy-grip holder, and bonus sharpener for diverse artistic expression.
  3. Jumbo Pencils for Easy Learning: Soft Graphite and Latex-Free Eraser — Mr Pen’s Jumbo Pencils offer the perfect solution for preschoolers and kindergarteners, with 10 large pencils for easy gripping, high-quality wood, and soft graphite for a smooth writing experience.
  4. The Ultimate Giant Wooden Pencil for Novelty Lovers — Make a bold statement with the Giant Wooden Pencil, an officially licensed, oversized accessory perfect for office enthusiasts, teachers, and students alike, bringing a touch of novelty to any workspace!
  5. Large Rounded Pencils for Kids — Musgrave Big Dipper Pencils — Giant pencils with a smooth, jumbo size perfect for little hands, featuring a round shape and medium soft graphite — no eraser included in this convenient pack of 12.
  6. Large Wooden “Big Dipper” Pencils for Kids, 6 Packs of 12 — Get ready for a huge writing experience with the Musgrave Pencil Company’s TOT Big Dipper Jumbo Pencils, perfect for young learners with their medium-soft lead, no-eraser design, and vibrant assorted red and blue finish.
  7. Jumbo Jet Charcoal Pencil with Extra Large Lead — Experience unmatched comfort and durability with Jerry’s Jumbo Jet Sanguine Pencil, boasting a giant 5.5mm lead and offering smooth, sharpened lines for all your artistic endeavors.
  8. Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo 2B Pencil: Large Giant Pencil — Write a product one liner that showcases the features and benefits of the Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo 2B Pencil, while adhering to Google search guidelines and targeting the “Giant Pencils” keyword.
  9. Versatile Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Pencil Set — Experience unparalleled artistry and precision with the Faber-Castell Jumbo Pencils, renowned for their break-resistant, easily sharpenable, and eraseable graphite that is perfect for demanding sketches and expressive shade applications.
  10. Thick Jumbo Grip Pencils for Comfortable Writing — The Faber-Castell Jumbo Grip Graphite Pencil, perfect for young learners with its soft grip, chunky triangular shape, and eco-friendly construction, offers the ultimate writing experience for children of all ages.
  11. Fun Large Pencil for All Ages — Experience the thrill of using an oversized pencil while standing out from the crowd with the BUSHIBU Wooden Jumbo Pencil, perfect for all ages and office/classroom décor.
  12. Large, Oversized Carpenter Pencils (72-Pack, Boxed) — Thick Pencils for Marking Accuracy — Experience precision and comfort with the over-sized Oversized Carpenter Pencils, ideal for marking and perfectly rolled for any project thanks to its hexagonal shape.
  13. Jumbo Thick Pencils for Beginners — Perfect for little hands, these 24 thick pencils with thick graphite core and large clean eraser in red, purple, and turquoise hues are ideal for beginning writers.
  14. Extra-Big, Child-Proof, Sustainable Colored Pencils Set — Enjoy rich, vibrant colors and enhanced durability with the Jolly X-Big Colored Pencils, a perfect toy for toddlers to develop fine motor skills in a sustainable and child-safe way.
  15. Extra-Thick Bear Claw Pencils for Artists and Students — Write with Bear Claw confidence: Thick and triangular, these eco-friendly pencils boast a jumbo wood barrel, extra-fat graphite core, 4B artist-grade lead, and a natural rustic look with a large eraser.
  16. Premium Quality Jumbo Thick Lead Pencils for DIY Projects — RevMark Jumbo Pencils: A Durable and High-Quality Choice for Woodworkers, Construction Workers, and DIY Enthusiasts — Perfect for School and Home Use.
  17. Thick Pencils for Preschoolers: Perfect for Learning Handwriting — Channie’s Extra Thick Pencils: The perfect tool for preschoolers and kindergarteners, providing a comfortable grip for smooth and enjoyable handwriting practice.
  18. High-Quality Jumbo Thick Pencil Set for All Marking Projects — Experience the ultimate in marking precision with Dixon’s 12-Pack Jumbo #2 Black Pencil, featuring break-resistant writing, a dark, jumbo finish, and a latex-free eraser — the perfect thick pencils for any project.
  19. Durability Meets Comfort: Premium Jumbo Yellow Pencils (4/Pack) — Experience the smooth and reliable writing performance with Bazic #2 Jumbo Premium Yellow Pencils, featuring a convenient eraser top, jumbo barrel design for beginners, and high-quality lead for ultimate creativity.
  20. Thick Round Metallic Blue and Red Pencils for Beginners — Experience easy, non-toxic writing with the Jumbo Tot Pencil Round in Metallic Blue and Red — the perfect choice for beginners and craft enthusiasts alike!
  21. Extra Large Triangular Pencil for Easy Writing — Try-Rex Jumbo Untipped 12pk Pencils: Easily Holdable, Extra Large Graphite Core, Ideal for Special Education Settings, Unsharpened and with Erasers, Make a Difference for Students.
  22. Ergonomic 5.5mm Mechanical Pencils for Carpenters — Sharpen your precision with the FastCap Fatboy Extreme 5.5mm Mechanical Pencils, featuring a lightweight aluminum housing, removable clip, and built-in eraser for efficient carpentry tasks.
  23. Thick, Shatter-Proof Graphite Pencil with HB to 8B Degrees of Hardness — Experience the ultimate drawing experience with the Faber Castell 9000 Jumbo Graphite Pencil 4B, featuring shatter-proof graphite, eco-friendly water lacquer, and perfect for all your artistic endeavors.
  24. Comfortable Triangular Thick Pencil for Beginners — Ergonomically designed, break-resistant jumbo graphite pencils with a soft-grip zone for young learners to comfortably grasp and securely hold while sharpening.
  25. Versatile Faber-Castell Jumbo Pencil Set for Artistic Drawing — Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Graphite Pencils: High-quality, extra thick 5.3mm, SV-bonded leads with environmental water-based coating, perfect for professionals and artists in 5 hardness grades.
  26. Thick Triangular Pencils for Proper Handwriting and Comfort — Experience smooth and long-lasting performances with mideer Thick Triangular HB Pencils for Kids, designed for proper pen holding posture and a comfortable grip on basswood and lead materials.
  27. Colorful & Comfortable Ergonomic Jumbo Pencils for Aspiring Artists — Unleash creativity with M&G Ergonomic Jumbo Pencils, featuring an easy-start grip and break-proof 2B lead for young artists and enthusiasts of all ages!
  28. Thick Lead Jumbo Triangular Pencils for Beginners — Experience the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and versatility with PABLUE Triangular 2B Jumbo Pencils, designed for beginners and artists alike, and featuring easy-to-carry triangular grip for extended writing sessions.
  29. Sargent Art 12-Count Jumbo Graphite Pencils for All-Purpose Drawing — Sargent Art’s 12ct Jumbo Graphite Pencils offer safe, high-quality performance for drawing, writing, and sketching, making them an excellent choice for both young and adult artists using paper or construction paper.
  30. Large Thick Yellow Pencil for Precision and Shading — Experience the #2 Jumbo Premium Yellow Pencil, the perfect solution for beginners seeking a durable and smooth writing experience with its thick 3.25mm lead, pre-sharpened convenience, and latex-free eraser.
  31. Premium Fat Pencils for Preschoolers and Elementary Students: Pre-Sharpened and Non-Toxic — Emraw Pre-Sharpened Round Primary Size No 2 Jumbo Pencils: Premium Fat Pencils for Preschoolers and Elementary Kids, Providing an Effective Learning Experience with Strong Erasers.
  32. Unbreakable 5.5mm Thick Pencil for Heavy-Duty Usage — The Fastcap Fatboy Extreme Carpenter Pencil offers unbreakable strength and durability with a 5.5mm lead, perfect for woodworkers and professional projects.
  33. Ergonomic Sleek Triangle Thick Pencils Set — Unleash a sparkle of creativity with Faber-Castell’s Grip Jumbo Sparkle Pencil Set featuring ergonomic triangular grips, durability, vibrant colors, and eye-catching designs.
  34. Comfortable Wide Body Mechanical Pencil with Thick Grip and Protective Eraser Cap — The SKILCRAFT Wide Body Mechanical Pencil offers ergonomic design, a comfortable rubber grip, and a refillable mechanism, perfect for precision writing and an exceptional writing experience.
  35. Blackwing Pencils Volume 192: A Musical Tribute in Graphite (Set of 12) — Blackwing 192 pencils, a tribute to legendary songwriters John Lennon and Paul McCartney, offer an extra-firm graphite writing experience that celebrates their iconic collaboration and the timeless lyrics that continue to inspire generations.
  36. Premium Jumbo Graphite Pencil Set of 5 for Writing and Drawing — Unleash your creativity with Staedtler Mars Lumograph Jumbo Graphite Pencils, offering versatile shades and a metallic finish ideal for artistic and professional use.
  37. Xtra-Strong Thick Lead Mechanical Pencils with Erasers — 144-Count Pack — Craft perfect notes with BIC Xtra-Strong Thick Mechanical Pencils — 144-count pack, featuring break-resistant 0.9mm lead, quick lead advancement, easy erasing, vibrant barrel design, and refillable convenience.
  38. Giant Thick Coloured Pencils for Artistic Kids — Satisfy your child’s artistic cravings with the Giotto Mega Chunky Coloured Pencils, a durable and easy-to-use set of thick pencils that boasts vibrant colors, a giant 5.5mm lead, and a comfortable 18cm length, all while being CE approved.
  39. Sturdy and Strong Bear Claw Pencils for Students and Artists — Embrace the power of the Koala Tools Bear Claw Pencils, a perfect blend of durability and style for artists, students, and carpenters alike, designed to provide comfort and precision for all your creative endeavors.
  40. Staedtler Noris Club Jumbo HB Pencils: Durable and Eco-Friendly Writing Instruments — Staedtler Noris Club Jumbo HB Pencils offer a high-quality, ergonomic experience with break-resistant lead for first writing and drawing exercises.
  41. Ergonomic Thick Pencil Set for Learning Writers — Perfect for writing learners: Faber-Castell Jumbo Grip Two Tone pencils provide an extra-thick ergonomic shaft with a soft grip zone that prevents fingers from slipping, available in a set of 2.
  42. Ergonomic Plastic Mechanical Pencil with Grip Zone for 0.7mm Thick Leads — Faber-Castell Grip Plus Set 130997 Mechanical Pencil offers a comfortable grip, 0.7mm lead, and ergonomic design for adult use.

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Professional 2mm Metal Mechanical Pencil with 2-Color Lead and Eraser


As an artist and writer, I’ve tried my fair share of pencils, but the Mr. Pen mechanical pencil has been a game-changer for me. Its sleek, minimalist design is not only professional-looking but also incredibly comfortable to hold. I appreciate the chiseled metallic grip, which provides a perfect grip while writing with 2mm leads.

The pencil comes with a set of black leads, as well as an assortment of colored leads, ensuring I always have the right shade for my artwork. The eraser is a great addition, as accidents happen, especially when I’m drawing or writing. The retractable mechanism is efficient and reliable, making it easy to use on-the-go.

On the downside, I occasionally find the Mr. Pen to be slightly too hard for delicate drawings or when I need a softer touch. However, the durable build and precision of the leads make it an excellent choice for day-to-day drafting and technical drawing. Overall, I’m a big fan of this pencil and can confidently say it’s been a valuable addition to my creative toolkit.

Quality Art Mechanical Pencil Set with Bonus Sharpener


I recently tried out the Leda Art Supply Mechanical Pencil Set with 12-Piece 5b Lead Refill and Sharpener, and I must say, I was impressed. The first thing that stood out to me was the 6.25-inch polymer barrel that was six-sided and had a brass finish — it was easy to grip and allowed for precise drawing. The iron clip holder was also a nice touch, as it securely held the pencil in place while I was working.

The 5B lead was the star of the show, providing extra thickness that artists love for making bold lines. The bonus sharpener came in handy for creating the thinnest possible lines, and I appreciated the fact that it came with a dozen extra 5B leads for plenty of drawing. All in all, this pencil set offered great value and helped me expand my artistic potential. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to take their drawing and sketching to the next level.

Jumbo Pencils for Easy Learning: Soft Graphite and Latex-Free Eraser


Imagine the excitement of a child holding a jumbo pencil for the first time. The difference in size compared to the regular pencils they’re used to is noticeable and feels more comfortable in their little hands. I remember when my daughter first started using one of these jumbo pencils. She loved the big, round body and found it super easy to grip.

One thing that stood out to me the most was the high-quality wood these pencils are made from. It made sharpening a breeze, which was a major improvement compared to the traditional pencils we used to use. The large diameter of 0.38 inches suited our daughter perfectly in her early stages of writing development.

The jumbo pencils come with an eraser attachment that I found to be quite handy. Its latex-free material made it easy to correct mistakes. Oh, and let’s not forget about the triangular shape of the pencil. Experts agree that this design helps young learners develop the right pencil grip, making it easier for them to write.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the Mr Pen pencils. They’ve been a game-changer for my daughter’s early writing skills, and I have to say that the user-friendly features make it a perfect addition for any child’s pencil collection.

The Ultimate Giant Wooden Pencil for Novelty Lovers


Imagine walking into a meeting with an oversized pencil that makes everyone take notice. With its whopping dimensions and adorable charm, the Giant Wood Pencil is an outstanding conversation starter. Measuring at 1.25 inches wide by 14 inches tall, this colossal writing utensil is guaranteed to provide hours of amusement.

One of the highlights of this product is its genuine wooden construction, which not only makes it durable but also allows the pencil to write and erase smoothly. I found it quite surprising when I discovered that I could actually jot down notes with it or scribble a few doodles, all the while adding a touch of whimsy to my daily life.

However, one drawback I encountered was the size of the pencil itself. Whilst it adds a dash of fun to office life or as a cheeky gag gift, it poses a challenge when it comes to sharpening the lead. It might be time to break out the power tools or explore alternative methods to achieve a fine point!

Overall, I’d highly recommend the Giant Wood Pencil for those looking to inject some quirky fun into their office or classroom. Just be prepared for the occasional sharpening conundrum!

Large Rounded Pencils for Kids — Musgrave Big Dipper Pencils


As a fan of these Tot “Big Dipper” pencils, I can definitely say that they’ve made a lasting impression on me. The large, smooth diameter is perfect for kids just learning to write and is a great addition to their toolkit.

The medium soft lead glides effortlessly on paper, making it easy for them to create their masterpieces. However, the lack of an eraser can sometimes be a little challenging for young learners who need to make corrections. In addition, these pencils are a bit heavier than the standard ones, adding a sense of durability and reliability.

Overall, these pencils are a great buy for kids starting out on their writing journey.

Large Wooden “Big Dipper” Pencils for Kids, 6 Packs of 12


Oh boy, where do I even start? I recently tried the Musgrave Big Dipper Jumbo Pencils and have to say, it was quite an experience. These giant pencils certainly live up to their name, don’t they? Made from durable wood and packed with a smooth, round quality, these pencils are no joke — or no joke, should I say?

I must admit, I adored their large diameter, perfect for kids and beginners as suggested. That round shape just feels so nice in the hand, and the medium soft lead is a game-changer. No more worrying about getting tired of writing with a thin, boring pencil. And oh, those vibrant red and blue finishes. It’s like they were made for a child’s delight!

However, and this is something to consider, there’s no eraser included. Depending on your preference, this could either be a bonus or a slight deterrent. Personally, I don’t mind — but I do appreciate transparency.

Overall, these Big Dipper Jumbo Pencils are a wonderful addition to any art supplies collection, suitable for kids and fun for everyone. They come in a pack of 72, making life a lot easier. Just imagine, no need to buy multiple packs — we’ve got a winner here!

Jumbo Jet Charcoal Pencil with Extra Large Lead


I recently tried Jerry’s Jumbo Jet Pencil, specifically the Sanguine version, and I was impressed with its durability and comfort. The pencil’s 5.5mm lead is almost 50% larger than other standard pencil leads, making it perfect for creating bold and impactful lines in my work.

The key feature that stood out to me was the fact that the pencil is kiln baked and oil impregnated, resulting in a super soft charcoal that is both smear resistant and comfortable to use. The bonded California Cedar casing provides a firm grip, preventing the pencil from rolling off the workspace.

However, one downside I encountered was that while it’s great for creating thick lines, it was a bit more difficult to achieve the finer detail that my work often requires. Overall, the Jerry’s Jumbo Jet Pencil, Sanguine, offers excellent value for artists looking for a high-quality, long-lasting charcoal drawing instrument.

Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo 2B Pencil: Large Giant Pencil


When I first heard about the Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo 2B Pencil, I was intrigued by the idea of giant pencils that could provide a smooth and high-quality drawing experience. As a budding artist, I was excited to give it a try and see if it lived up to the hype.

As soon as I held the pencil in my hand, I was impressed by its sleek and sturdy design. The jumbo size made it comfortable to grip and use, especially during long sessions of drawing or sketching. The 2B lead was just the right level of hardness for me, allowing me to create a variety of lines and shades without having to constantly sharpen the pencil.

One of the features that really stood out to me was the ability to easily create fine, detailed lines without the pencil snapping or breaking. This came in handy when I was working on intricate portraits or delicate landscape drawings. The graphite lead was also incredibly smooth, which made it a pleasure to work with and resulted in clean, crisp lines.

Despite the numerous pros of this pencil, I did encounter a few cons as well. The jumbo size, while comfortable to hold, meant that the pencil itself could be a bit daunting for beginners or those with smaller hands. Additionally, the soft graphite did have a tendency to smudge if I applied too much pressure or tried to erase a mistake.

Overall, my experience with the Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo 2B Pencil was mostly positive. While there were a few minor drawbacks, the numerous benefits of this pencil far outweighed any potential issues. I would definitely recommend this product to fellow artists looking for a high-quality and comfortable drawing experience.

Versatile Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Pencil Set


I was thrilled when I received the Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Pencil Tin of 5. As an artist, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality pencils that are both comfortable to hold and deliver excellent results. The first thing I noticed was the sturdy construction of the pencils themselves — they’re made to last with a unique body that ensures an optimum grip and control while writing.

The variety of degrees of hardness is a game-changer for me. It allows me to switch between different types of pencils depending on my needs — from the light HB to the dark 8B. Whether I’m working on a quick sketch or shading an extended area, these pencils have got me covered.

One area where these pencils truly shine is their break-resistant feature. I’ve used plenty of pencils in the past that would break mid-line, especially when I’m pushing hard for that perfect shading. But not with these beauties. They can handle the pressure without breaking a sweat.

Another feature I adore about these pencils is their erasability. As an artist, it’s not uncommon for me to make mistakes or decide to start over. With the Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Pencils, I can easily correct my mistakes without having to start over from scratch.

However, the tin that houses these pencils is a bit of a letdown. It’s not very sturdy and I feel like it could be improved to protect the pencils better. Despite this minor drawback, the overall experience with these pencils has been fantastic. They’ve become my go-to pencils for all my artistic endeavors.

Overall, the Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Pencil Tin of 5 is a must-have for any artist or illustrator looking for quality pencils that will stand up to their creative demands.

Thick Jumbo Grip Pencils for Comfortable Writing


The Faber-Castell Jumbo Grip Graphite Pencil is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to improve their writing skills. As a teacher, I’ve recommended it to my students and have seen an overall improvement in their handwriting. The chunky ergonomic triangular body not only allows for a firmer grip, but also adds a personal touch with the space to write the pupil’s name.

One of the highlights of this pencil is the patented Soft-Grip that prevents the pencils from slipping out of the hands, making them an excellent choice for left and right-handed individuals alike. It is also environmentally friendly, utilizing water-based varnish and wood from sustainable forestry.

While the Jumbo Grip Pencils are ideal for learning to write, they might not be the best option for professional drawing or sketching. However, for those who need a comfortable pencil for daily use, the Faber-Castell Jumbo Grip Graphite Pencil certainly fits the bill.

Fun Large Pencil for All Ages


As an avid stationery lover, I couldn’t resist trying the BUSHIBU Wooden Jumbo Pencils for myself. The novelty of a giant, orange pencil caught my attention, and I knew it was something I had to have. The pencil itself is well-crafted, made from durable anti-break wood and featuring a graphite pen point and an eraser on opposite ends. The twist closure keeps things secure and prevents the pointed end from snapping off easily during use.

The BUSHIBU pencil has become quite the conversation starter in my office and school environment. As a grown-up, I have to admit it’s a little unusual to use a pencil of this size, but it feels like a breath of fresh air compared to my typical writing utensils. The bright color certainly attracts attention and makes me feel a bit playful every time I pick it up.

While the BUSHIBU pencil is a fantastic novelty item, it might not be the most practical writing utensil for everyone. The pencil’s enormous size means it’s not as portable or easy to handle as a standard pencil. However, if you’re looking for a unique and fun writing tool that stands out from the rest, this is an excellent choice. It’s perfect for gifting to friends, family, or even as a fun office accessory to spark some creativity.

Large, Oversized Carpenter Pencils (72-Pack, Boxed) — Thick Pencils for Marking Accuracy


These oversized carpenter pencils have been my trusty workhorse for marking saw lines and drill pits. The hexagonal shape keeps them from rolling on flat surfaces, making it exceptionally easy to use.

I love that the pencils are large enough for quick, accurate markings, but not so cumbersome that they’re hard to carry around. Moreover, they’re responsibly sourced from FSC-certified forests — a feature I appreciate as it ensures I’m not contributing to deforestation. Despite the hefty size, there have been times when the pencils feel a bit too unwieldy, but overall, they’re a handy tool to have in my toolbox.

Jumbo Thick Pencils for Beginners


I’ve recently switched to these Musgrave Jumbo Pencils for my 5-year-old starting to learn to write, and I must say, they’ve been a game-changer! The pencils are chubby and chunky, just perfect for little hands that can sometimes struggle with smaller pencils. The thick graphite core is a real plus, as it doesn’t break easily, even after multiple erasings. Plus, the large clean eraser is a life-saver, making sure the pencils last longer and stay nice and sharp.

Another great feature is the variety of colors available — my child couldn’t be happier with the options. The fact that they are PMA certified safe is an extra bonus, and I love that they’re ideal for birthday party favors, awards, or holiday gifts. These pencils are truly the ultimate choice for any beginning writer!

Extra-Big, Child-Proof, Sustainable Colored Pencils Set


The Jolly X-Big Colored Pencils are a real treat for art lovers! With their thick, vibrant cores and chunky, easy-to-hold barrels, these pencils make coloring an absolute joy for young artists. The extra-thick lead ensures that the pencils are shatter-proof and child-proof, while the lime wood casing provides a rich, earthy feel. I love how these pencils come in a variety of bright colors, making it easy for little ones to create beautiful masterpieces.

However, there’s a catch — if you want fine details, you’ll need a sharpener that can handle these big boys. I was quite surprised when my regular sharpener wouldn’t work, but a bigger one did the trick. Overall, these pencils are a fantastic addition to any art station, and I highly recommend them for little artists who love to color big! Just be prepared to sharpen with a sturdy sharpener!

Extra-Thick Bear Claw Pencils for Artists and Students


While testing these Koala Tools Bear Claw pencils, I was pleasantly surprised by their sturdiness. The comforting triangular grip is perfect for my little one’s hand, making writing a more enjoyable practice.

The large, blue eraser allows for quick corrections without frustration, both for my son and for my own messy drawings. I particularly appreciate the eco-friendly features of these pencils, with their rustic redwood casing and the fact that they’re made of 4B lead, which is so gentle and easy to use. The thick graphite core ensures that these pencils stand up to even the most rigorous use, while the artist quality makes them a go-to choice for both sketching and drafting.

Overall, the Koala Tools Bear Claw Pencils have proven themselves to be a reliable, durable, and efficient option for anyone looking to make a statement with their writing and drawing tools.

Premium Quality Jumbo Thick Lead Pencils for DIY Projects


I recently had the pleasure of using the RevMark Jumbo Round Pencil 24-Pack. As a carpenter, I really appreciate the sturdy construction of these pencils — they’re made of high-quality cedar wood which gives them a satisfying heft. The round shape is a game-changer — I found I had a much better grip than with the standard or carpenter pencils I’ve used in the past. I also liked the medium lead, it’s not too soft or too hard, making it perfect for my woodworking projects.

One of the things that stood out to me about these pencils is how well they write on a variety of surfaces. Whether I was sketching at home or notching a piece of lumber at work, these pencils performed admirably. And despite the constant wear and tear, the leads never seemed to break.

However, these jumbo pencils are not without their drawbacks. For one, they are quite large and might be a bit unwieldy for people with smaller hands. Also, the eraser on the end is not as efficient as I’d like. It doesn’t erase as cleanly as I’d hoped, leaving me with a messy, smudged drawing.

In conclusion, despite the eraser issue, the RevMark Jumbo Round Pencil 24-Pack is a solid choice for anyone looking for a pencil that can handle the demands of DIY projects and everyday use. It’s definitely a step up from the standard pencils in terms of durability and writing quality.

Thick Pencils for Preschoolers: Perfect for Learning Handwriting


I recently bought Channie’s Extra Thick Pencils for my preschoolers, and I must say, I’m quite impressed with them. Their round body and comfortable grip made it effortless for my kids to hold and write with them. The size of these pencils is just perfect for little hands, enabling my children to hone their fine motor skills and develop their writing abilities.

I’ll be honest, the lack of color options was a bummer, especially since my kids enjoy vibrant and engaging stationery. However, the pencils were durable and well-made, making up for the lack of variety. The large lead was a treat for the kids, as it made writing much more enjoyable and less frustrating for them.

One downside I noticed was that the pencils weren’t ideal for older kids, as they tended to slip out of bigger hands. Nevertheless, they served their purpose wonderfully in our classroom and proved to be reliable tools for the preschool and kindergarten stage.

Overall, Channie’s Extra Thick Pencils have been a great addition to our classroom and at home. They’ve helped my kids learn handwriting in a fun and comfortable manner. I recommend these pencils for preschool-aged children who are just starting their writing journey.

High-Quality Jumbo Thick Pencil Set for All Marking Projects


As a reviewer, I’d like to share my experience using these Dixon 12-Pack Jumbo #2 Black Pencils. These sturdy pencils are perfect for taking away frustration during construction work or marking designs on your woodworking projects. The thick nature of these pencils allows them to withstand some misuse without breaking easily, making them a reliable choice for those who need to keep their hands focused.

I found the jumbo #2 lead to create a rich, dark mark, which is always appreciated when you want your work to stand out. Another feature that makes this pencil great is its bonded lead, ensuring a robust writing experience.

However, the pink latex-free eraser didn’t match up to expectations. It had a tendency to smear instead of erasing, which can lead to a frustrating experience. This flaw makes it less suitable for those who prefer a clean, no-mistakes approach to their marking projects.

Overall, these Dixon Jumbo Pencils are solid performers that might just do the trick for those building, constructing, or drawing precision designs. They’re a great value considering you receive 12 pencils per purchase and they arrive unsharpened, ready for your first use. Just remember to sharpen them diligently to get the most out of their bonded strength.

Durability Meets Comfort: Premium Jumbo Yellow Pencils (4/Pack)


Imagine using a pencil that not only writes smoothly but also feels comfortable in your hand. The Bazic #2 Jumbo Premium Yellow Pencil is that pencil. As someone who has tried it, I can say that its eraser top is a game-changer — no more worrying about having a spare eraser or having one that’s too small to use.

The jumbo barrel design makes it a great choice for beginners, including young children learning to write and those with disabilities. It’s also perfect for adults who prefer a thicker pencil for better grip. And let’s not forget the strong lead that works wonderfully for writing, drawing, and sketching. Each pencil comes pre-sharpened, saving you time and effort.

While the price might seem high to some, the convenience and quality of these pencils make them worth it. They’re perfect for kids going to school for the first time or for those who need a little extra help with their fine motor skills. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, these pencils will make your creative activities more enjoyable.

Thick Round Metallic Blue and Red Pencils for Beginners


As a writer, I’ve always struggled with finding the right pencil for my needs. But when I stumbled upon these Jumbo Tot Pencils, I was pleasantly surprised! .

The thick lead and extra-large eraser made it perfect for beginners like me, while the smooth outer casing made it easier to grip. The metallic blue and red colors were a fun touch, and they made my writing look more vibrant. However, I have to say that the 4mm lead was prone to breaking, which was a minor downside.

Overall, I enjoyed using these pencils and appreciated their quality craftsmanship, making them a great choice for writers of all levels.

Extra Large Triangular Pencil for Easy Writing


I’ve had the pleasure of using the J. R. Moon Pencils in my daily life, and one aspect that stood out was their triangular shape. This unique feature made it so much easier for me to grip the pencil, especially during long writing sessions. The large, soft graphite core also created a noticeable difference in the quality of marks I made.

However, there were a couple of downsides as well. First, the pencils were untipped and unsharpened, which might have made them less suitable for some tasks. Second, they were considerably larger than traditional pencils, which could have been a disadvantage for users who are more comfortable with standard sizing.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I believe the J. R. Moon Pencil Pencils Try-Rex Jumbo Untipped 12pk is a great option for those who struggle with standard pencils or for educational settings where students benefit from larger, more ergonomically shaped pencils. The triangular shape and large, soft graphite core make these pencils a unique and effective choice in comparison to the standard pencils from home improvement stores.

Ergonomic 5.5mm Mechanical Pencils for Carpenters


I’ve been using these FastCap Fatboy Extreme Carpenter Mechanical Pencils for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, they are a game changer! As a carpenter, it’s crucial to have a pencil that’s comfortable to hold and can withstand tough surfaces. The lightweight aluminum housing on these pencils has been a dream to work with.

One of the things I appreciate most about these pencils is their versatility. You can easily sharpen them to a fine point for precise lines or dull them down for those times when the pencil just needs to put a mark on something. It’s like having two pencils in one — perfect for those tricky carpentry projects!

Another great feature is the built-in eraser. No more losing the eraser cap or having to carry it around separately. And the removable clip is such a practical addition — it keeps the pencil securely in your pocket or on your shirt, so you won’t lose it during your busy day on the job site.

However, there were a couple of downsides that I noticed. The pencils are quite large, which made them not as ideal for smaller hands. And the pencil lead, while extra thick, can be challenging to sharpen perfectly, especially if you’re new to sharpening mechanical pencils.

Overall, I think these FastCap Fatboy Extreme Carpenter Mechanical Pencils are a solid choice for carpenters or anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable pencil for rough surfaces. Just keep an eye out for the size and the pencil lead sharpness, you’ll be good to go!

Thick, Shatter-Proof Graphite Pencil with HB to 8B Degrees of Hardness


In the realm of art supplies, I’ve tried and tested the Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Graphite Pencil 4b. This jumbo-sized pencil has a unique feature that sets it apart from others — a fully bonded lead with the wood surround. This makes the pencil incredibly break-resistant, which is perfect for those of us who are a bit heavy-handed when using drawing pencils.

One of the things that stood out for me, however, was how perfect this pencil is for sketching and drawing. The graphite is soft and velvet-like, allowing for smoother lines and better shading, especially when compared to my previous pencils. The 4B hardness gives it a nice balance, allowing me to create a variety of different effects in my artwork.

As someone who enjoys experimenting with different tools, I appreciate that this pencil is part of a range of degrees of hardness. It means that no matter what kind of artistic work I’m doing, I can find the perfect Faber-Castell pencil for the job.

However, there is one downside to this pencil — it’s on the pricier side. As a budget-conscious artist, I do have to consider whether the price is worth it. Compared to other pencils in my collection, the Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Graphite Pencil 4b is indeed a bit steep, but the quality and durability make me believe it’s worth the investment.

Overall, my experience with this pencil has been a positive one. The quality, softness, and break-resistance of the lead make it an ideal choice for sketching and drawing. Despite the higher price tag, it’s a product I would wholeheartedly recommend to fellow artists and illustrators looking for a high-quality pencil for their work.

Comfortable Triangular Thick Pencil for Beginners


I recently tried out these Faber Castell Grip Jumbo Graphite EcoPencils and they quickly become my go-to for day-to-day writing tasks. The triangular shape is perfect for young children starting to learn how to write. The grip is both comfortable and sturdy, thanks to the patented soft-grip area, which prevents finger slippage. I love that this pencil doesn’t just work for right-handed users but is also ambidextrous. The name slot is a nice touch and is perfect for keeping these pencils organized.

One of the standout features of these pencils is the break-resistant leads that won’t fall out while sharpening. It makes sharpening a breeze and ensures that the pencil is always ready for use. The ergonomic, jumbo size of these pencils is a game-changer for both children and adults.

However, it is important to note that these pencils have a different line size and hardness compared to traditional pencils. It might take some getting used to, but overall, this change makes writing or drawing much more effortless. They are refillable, which is an eco-friendly touch that I appreciate.

Overall, these Grip Jumbo Graphite EcoPencils are fantastic for everyday use and are perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable, sturdy, and eco-friendly writing tool. I highly recommend these pencils for anyone, especially children, who are new to writing or prefer a more substantial pencil for drawing.

Versatile Faber-Castell Jumbo Pencil Set for Artistic Drawing


As an artist, I’ve always been on the lookout for quality drawing tools that offer a comfortable grip and smooth performance. The Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Pencil set of 5 easily stood out as a fantastic option.

The large, round body of these pencils provided a comfortable grip for my hands, especially when working on extended sketching sessions. I appreciated the ambidextrous design, making it an ideal choice for both left and right-handed users. The pencils are available in different degrees of hardness, making them versatile for various artistic applications.

The lead core is bonded with the wood surround, providing extra durability and preventing breakage during use. I found that these pencils worked well on different kinds of paper, and the smooth writing experience made it a joy to create intricate designs and detailed shading.

While some artists may prefer traditional-sized pencils, the jumbo size of these Faber-Castell pencils offered new possibilities and made a bold statement in my artwork. The ergonomic design not only enhanced my drawing experience but also reduced strain on my hands, making it a great choice for artists of all skill levels.

In conclusion, the Faber-Castell 9000 Jumbo Pencil set of 5 is a fantastic tool for any artist looking for both comfort and quality in their drawing tools. Its unique design, combined with the various degrees of hardness, makes it an indispensable addition to any art supplies collection.

Thick Triangular Pencils for Proper Handwriting and Comfort


In my daily life, I’ve come across these triangular mideer pencils, recommended for kids aged 14- and up. I must say, their unique shape immediately caught my attention. The thick body effortlessly guided my hand to a proper pen holding posture, thanks to the large bearing area. The pencils were a breeze to hold, with a comfortable grip that eased the pressure on my hand.

The thickened lead on these pencils delivered smooth and excellent performance on paper, a feature I truly appreciated. Not only was the writing process enjoyable, but the lead didn’t easily break, either! The box measures a convenient size, fitting nicely on my desk, and it’s great to have 18 pieces in a count for endless writing sessions.

Made of basswood and lead, these mideer pencils are a reliable and comfortable choice for children in school. Each pen might be a different length to cater to the varying needs of kids aged 2–14. With the HB pencils, I found that I wrote just as smoothly as I would with a traditional pencil. All in all, a solid choice for any child’s writing journey.

Colorful & Comfortable Ergonomic Jumbo Pencils for Aspiring Artists


The M&G Ergonomic Jumbo Pencil is a must-have for young artists or anyone who loves making bold statements. I’ve been using this pencil in my daily life, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best tools I’ve ever come across.

The ergonomic design of this pencil is undoubtedly my favorite part. The jumbo triangle barrel fits perfectly in my hand, and the grip holes make it super easy for me to start drawing without any hassle. It’s like this pencil was made just for me!

The smooth and bright blue body of the pencil is also a big plus. It’s incredibly durable, even when used by enthusiastic artists like myself. Plus, the 2B lead is perfect for creating bold lines and making impactful sketches. I love how rich and dark the graphite is, and it glides effortlessly across paper.

However, as with any tool, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I found that the pencil can be a bit tricky to sharpen, but that’s a minor issue compared to the immense benefits it provides.

Overall, the M&G Ergonomic Jumbo Pencil is a perfect companion for anyone who loves to express themselves creatively. It’s comfortable, durable, and produces amazing results, making it a worthwhile investment for young artists and novice creators alike.

Thick Lead Jumbo Triangular Pencils for Beginners


These Jumbo Triangular Pablue pencils have been a great addition to my art supplies for sketching and writing. The unique triangular grip allows for a comfortable hold, and I especially appreciate how it prevents the pencils from rolling off the desk.

The thick 2B lead creates clearer lines and is less prone to breaking, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced artists alike. While they’re not designed for specific applications like drawing or writing, the non-fading colors remain vibrant for a long time, making them versatile and easy to use in various situations.

Sargent Art 12-Count Jumbo Graphite Pencils for All-Purpose Drawing


As someone who appreciates the arts, I recently came across the Sargent Art 12ct Jumbo Graphite Pencils. These pencils are not only good for drawing, writing, and sketching, but they also come in a jumbo size that’s safe for use by kids and adults alike.

What stood out to me was their non-toxic, erasable nature, which makes them a great choice for young artists learning their way around a pencil. The HB graphite core ensures a smooth, dependable writing experience, and the pencils are conveniently ambidextrous. Although they may not be the most compact option, the trade-off in size provides a satisfyingly firm grip for those using them.

Overall, these Sargent Art jumbo pencils offer a reliable, safe, and enjoyable way to engage in creative pursuits.

Large Thick Yellow Pencil for Precision and Shading


It’s always thrilling to find a reliable pencil that checks all the boxes — something that the #2 Jumbo Premium Yellow Pencil does effortlessly. With a robust 3.25mm lead, this pencil delivers a bold, precise, and smooth writing or sketching experience. The best part? It’s a breeze to sharpen and you never need to do it from scratch due to its pre-sharpened state.

The thick graphite core glides easily on any paper surface, leaving a beautiful, dark mark that’s fantastic for all kinds of shading or precision tasks. Moreover, it’s especially convenient for beginners, thanks to its jumbo design, which also offers a sturdy grip.

But what makes a pencil truly great is its eraser — something even latex-sensitive users can confidently use, and this one is no exception. The latex-free eraser cap cleans up any smudges without leaving residue behind, ensuring your work stays neat and pristine. So, if you’re searching for the perfect blend of style and sturdiness, look no further than this jumbo premium pencil.

Premium Fat Pencils for Preschoolers and Elementary Students: Pre-Sharpened and Non-Toxic


Ever since my little one started learning to write, I knew I needed to find a pencil that would help her build those fine motor skills. That’s when I discovered these pre-sharpened round primary size no. 2 jumbo pencils from Emraw. They are perfect for preschoolers and elementary kids, just the right size and thickness for their little hands.

The most exciting part about these pencils is their ultra-smooth graphite core. It feels so good when you write, and it doesn’t break easily, leaving you with fewer frustrations. Plus, the eraser works like a charm — soft, non-smudge, and won’t leave any pink residue behind!

What really stands out is the eraser being so securely held with a ferrule. It’s unlikely I’ll have to deal with having the eraser loosen and fall off. The ergonomic grip also helps kids hold the pencil securely and write comfortably, making it easy to erase mistakes made during the learning process.

Overall, these pencils have been a great addition to our little writer’s toolkit. They have made a difference in her writing skills and confidence, and I am sure they will do the same for many other kids out there.

Unbreakable 5.5mm Thick Pencil for Heavy-Duty Usage


The Fat Boy Extreme Pencil from Fastcap is a game-changer for carpenters and professional woodworkers. The durable aluminum housing and removable clip make it incredibly lightweight and perfect for framing work.

The pencil combines the precision of a mechanical pencil and the strength of a carpenter pencil, making it ideal for any job. However, one downside I noticed is that the lead could have been a tad harder for added durability.

Ergonomic Sleek Triangle Thick Pencils Set


I’ve been using these Faber-Castell Grip Jumbo Sparkle pencils in my daily life, and let me tell you, they’re a game-changer. The ergonomic triangular shape makes them super comfortable to hold, especially for those who struggle with a regular pencil grip.

And let’s not forget the sparkly barrel — it adds a fun touch to any desk or pencil case! . The pencils are also quite durable, thanks to the break-resistant lead. However, one downside is that the lead does tend to break a bit when sharpening, so be prepared for that.

Overall, I’m a big fan of these pencils and their unique sparkle factor.

Comfortable Wide Body Mechanical Pencil with Thick Grip and Protective Eraser Cap


I’ve been using the SKILCRAFT Wide Body Mechanical Pencil as my go-to writing tool, and let me tell you, it’s been a game changer. The wide refillable body and thick grip cushion offer me the ultimate in writing comfort. And speaking of comfort, the rubber grip barrel feels so nice in hand. The protective removable eraser cap is an added bonus for preventing smudges and keeping my papers clean.

One thing that stood out to me is the retractable feature. It ensures I never lose the cap and the fine point is always capped when it’s not in use. However, there’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to the durability of the pen. Despite its slightly flimsy feel compared to other mechanical pencils, it still holds up quite well.

In conclusion, the SKILCRAFT Wide Body Mechanical Pencil provides a comfortable writing experience with its thick grip and wide refillable body. While it’s not the most durable, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable writing instrument.

Blackwing Pencils Volume 192: A Musical Tribute in Graphite (Set of 12)


I recently discovered the Blackwing 192 set of 12 pencils, a beautiful tribute to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The hexagonal shape and black and white color scheme give them a classic look, while the extra-firm graphite ensures smooth writing. Each pencil features a different Lennon-McCartney lyric, adding a personal touch that makes these pencils stand out.

One aspect that stood out to me was the attention to detail in the design. The inclusion of a lyric from each song on the pencil’s sleeve adds a nice touch, although it was slightly disappointing to find that this feature was not included on the pencils themselves.

In terms of performance, the Blackwing 192 set meets my expectations. The extra-firm graphite offers a smooth and consistent writing experience, and the eraser works effectively without smudging. The only downside I encountered was a slight difficulty in sharpening the pencils, but this could be a matter of personal preference.

Overall, the Blackwing 192 set of 12 pencils is a unique and well-crafted tribute to one of the most influential musical duos of all time. While there were a few minor areas for improvement, the pencils themselves are of high quality and have become a staple in my daily writing routine.

Premium Jumbo Graphite Pencil Set of 5 for Writing and Drawing


I recently got my hands on the Staedtler Mars Lumograph Jumbo Graphite Pencil Set of 5, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer in my daily drawing routine. These thick pencils are a dream to hold, providing a solid grip while I work on my creations. The metallic shine in the various shades of gray is truly something special, adding depth to my illustrations.

However, I did notice that it’s not the easiest to find a model number for these pencils, so make sure you have that info handy before purchasing. Nevertheless, they’re a reliable choice for all your writing, drawing, sketching, and hatching needs, making this set a worthy investment. Overall, I’d highly recommend giving these Staedtler jumbo pencils a try.

Xtra-Strong Thick Lead Mechanical Pencils with Erasers — 144-Count Pack


I’ve had the pleasure of using the BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencils in my everyday life and they never disappoint. The thick, break-resistant lead is both dependable and smooth, making it a joy to use for writing or taking notes.

What sets these pencils apart from others is their quick lead advancement and easy erasing, which keeps my writing neat and tidy. The contrasting clip makes them convenient for attaching to notebooks or pockets, and the vibrant, colorful barrel adds a touch of personality to my writing sessions.

These pencils truly live up to their reputation as the №1 selling mechanical pencil, and I highly recommend them for any office or school setting.

Giant Thick Coloured Pencils for Artistic Kids


I recently tried out the Giotto Mega Chunky Coloured Pencils Set of 8, and let me tell you, it was a game changer for my coloring needs. The 18cm length of these pencils made them perfect for little hands to grip comfortably. Plus, the pencils were painted in the same color as the lead, making it easy for kids to find their favorite colors.

One of the standout features of these pencils is the giant 5.5mm lead. It made for smoother, bolder lines, allowing for more expressive coloring. And let’s not forget about how easy they are to sharpen! No more frustrating moments of trying to sharpen a pencil with a dull blade.

However, there was one downside to these pencils. They were CE approved, but the bright colors might be a bit too intense for some sensitive eyes. It’s a small tradeoff for the overall performance of these chunky coloured pencils from Giotto.

Sturdy and Strong Bear Claw Pencils for Students and Artists


The Bear Claw Pencils from Koala Tools are a unique and sturdy addition to any artist or student’s toolkit. Boasting a thick 2B lead core that’s both robust and virtually unbreakable, these pencils are perfect for everyday use or precision sketching.

I personally found the triangular shape of the pencil comfortable to grip, even for those of us with larger hands. The red wood construction lends a natural, sleek look to these pencils, and the bulkier eraser makes it effortless to correct mistakes. The fat and thick design is a refreshing change from the usual slim pencil, making it a fantastic option for young learners who are still developing their writing skills.

However, I do think they could be a bit more affordable, especially for an item so specialized. The pack of six might seem a bit excessive to some as well.

Overall, the Bear Claw Pencils from Koala Tools are a great choice for those who want a reliable, thick, and unique writing instrument. Despite the few drawbacks, these pencils stand out from the crowd with their stylish design and unwavering quality.

Staedtler Noris Club Jumbo HB Pencils: Durable and Eco-Friendly Writing Instruments


I’ve been using the Staedtler Noris Club HB pencils in my daily life, and they’ve become my go-to writing instrument. The jumbo, ergonomic triangular shape allows for relaxed and easy writing and drawing, perfect for beginners like me. The break-resistant lead is an unbelievable feature that provides durability even during heavy usage.

One downside I’ve noticed, however, is the lack of reviews and ratings available online. As an eco-friendly option, the pencils are made from FSC-certified wood, which is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Overall, the Staedtler Noris Club HB pencils have become an essential part of my routine, and I can’t recommend them enough for those seeking a high-quality, break-resistant writing and drawing tool.

Ergonomic Thick Pencil Set for Learning Writers


As a student, I’ve always struggled with those flimsy pencils that slip out of my grasp every time I take a bite of my sandwich. But all that changed when I discovered the Faber-Castell Jumbo Grip Two Tone Graphite Pencil Set. Right from the moment I held it, I could feel the difference — this pencil was thick and chunky, designed to suit my little hands perfectly.

The ergonomic triangular shape of the shaft felt comfortable in my palm, and the patented Soft-Grip zone kept my fingers from slipping even during those marathon writing sessions. The best part? It’s suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users like me.

But there’s more to love about this pencil. The break-proof lead, thanks to the special gluing method, means I no longer need to worry about my pencil point snapping mid-exam. And let’s not forget about the environmentally friendly aspect — the wood used in these pencils comes from certified, sustainable forestry. A win-win situation!

However, the only downside I found was the absence of a retractable mechanism, which could make storage a bit tricky. But all things considered, the Jumbo Grip pencil set is a game-changer for writing beginners and a delightful addition to any stationery lover’s collection.

Ergonomic Plastic Mechanical Pencil with Grip Zone for 0.7mm Thick Leads


I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the Faber-Castell Grip Plus set is to use. The ergonomic rubber grip made it easy to hold and write for extended periods.

The mechanical pencil is a delightful find for those who appreciate a slightly thicker lead, as it comes with a spring-loading mechanism that ensures a smooth and consistent writing experience. However, one minor downside is that it’s marketed towards adults, which may discourage younger writers from trying it out.

Overall, the Grip Plus set strikes a great balance between style, comfort, and functionality, making it a reliable choice for those looking for premium mechanical pencils.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for thick pencils. In this section, we’ll explore the essential features, considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision when purchasing thick pencils for your artistic endeavors.


Advantages of Thick Pencils

Thick pencils, also known as chalk pencils or charcoal pencils, offer several advantages over regular graphite pencils. They are ideal for creating bold, expressive lines and strokes, especially in large-scale or abstract artworks. Their rich, intense colors are perfect for layering and blending, allowing you to create a diverse range of shades and tones. Thick pencils also tend to be more durable and less prone to breaking or smudging compared to graphite pencils.

Material and Color Options

When choosing a thick pencil, consider the material it is made of, as this can impact its performance and longevity. Common materials include chalk, pastel, and charcoal. Chalk pencils are ideal for creating light, delicate lines and are easy to blend, while pastel pencils are known for their soft, velvety texture and excellent lightfastness. Charcoal pencils, on the other hand, provide a rich, saturated black color that is perfect for shading and smoke effects.


Core Shape and Size

The core shape and size of a thick pencil play a crucial role in determining its usability and comfort during drawing. Common core shapes include hexagonal, triangular, and round. Hexagonal cores provide a good grip and are easy to hold, while round cores offer a smoother, more comfortable drawing experience. Look for pencils with a core size that suits your drawing style and pressure. A larger core size will typically provide a bolder line, while a smaller size is better for precise detailing.

Quality and Price

When selecting a thick pencil, consider its quality and price point. Higher-quality pencils tend to have a more consistent, smoother core that provides better performance and longevity. They also typically offer a wider range of colors and finishes. However, higher-quality pencils may come with a higher price tag. Shop around and compare different brands to find the best value for your budget without compromising on quality.



What are thick pencils?

Thick pencils are designed with a larger diameter than traditional pencils, providing a more comfortable grip for users. They are available in a range of designs, colors, and materials, making them suitable for various purposes such as writing, drawing, and designing. Thick pencils are ideal for individuals who experience hand crampss or fatigue while using regular-sized pencils.

Thick pencils are also popular among artists and craftsmen, as they offer greater control and precision during sketching, drawing, and shading. Their larger size makes them easier to handle and reduces the likelihood of tip breakage or smudging, offering a more enjoyable and efficient writing or artistic experience.


What are the benefits of using thick pencils?

One of the main benefits of using thick pencils is the enhanced grip they offer. Their larger diameter makes them more comfortable to hold and reduces the likelihood of slipping during use. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who experience hand cramps or fatigue when using regular-sized pencils.

Another benefit of thick pencils is their durability. Due to their larger size, thick pencils are less prone to tip breakage, making them a reliable choice for extended periods of use. This is particularly important for artists or craftsmen who rely on their pencils for precise shading or detailed sketching.

What materials are thick pencils made of?

Thick pencils can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Wooden thick pencils are commonly used for writing purposes, while plastic or metal thick pencils may be preferred for drawing or artistic applications due to their durability and resistance to wear and tear. Wooden thick pencils are often available in a range of colors, while plastic or metal options may come in a more limited color palette.

Regardless of the material, thick pencils are designed to provide a comfortable grip and enhanced durability, making them a suitable choice for a wide range of users and purposes. They are generally available in various sizes and styles to cater to individual preferences and needs, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient writing or artistic experience.


What is the best way to store thick pencils?

Proper storage of thick pencils is essential to ensure their longevity and functionality. One of the best ways to store thick pencils is in a pencil case or holder specifically designed for them. These storage solutions provide a secure and organized space for your pencils, protecting them from damage and helping to maintain their shape.

When not in use, it is recommended to keep thick pencils in a dry and cool environment to prevent any warping or damage to the pencil’s tip. It is also crucial to avoid storing thick pencils in a manner that could lead to pressure on the tip, as this could cause breakage or affect the pencil’s performance. By following these storage recommendations, you can help ensure that your thick pencils remain in excellent condition for an extended period.

Are thick pencils suitable for left-handed users?

Yes, thick pencils are suitable for left-handed users. The larger diameter provides a more comfortable grip for individuals who write or draw with their left hand, reducing the likelihood of hand fatigue or cramps. Thick pencils are also available in various styles and materials to cater to individual preferences, making them a versatile choice for left-handed users.

It is essential for left-handed users to find a comfortable grip and a writing or drawing tool that meets their specific needs. Thick pencils offer a wider range of options in terms of grip and design, making them a suitable choice for left-handed users seeking a comfortable and durable writing or drawing experience.

Can thick pencils be erased?

Yes, thick pencils can be erased, depending on the material and design of the pencil. Erasable thick pencils are available in various styles, including wooden pencils with graphite cores, plastic pencils with erasable leads, and metal pencils with rubber tips. These erasable thick pencils are designed to be erased using a standard eraser or an eraser specifically designed for thick pencils.

When using an erasable thick pencil, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s erasing guidelines to avoid damaging the pencil or tip. Proper erasing techniques involve using gentle pressure and following the natural direction of the pencil’s markings. By following these steps, you can successfully erase your thick pencil and maintain its quality for future use.